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HOURS: Monday through Thursday, 8:00AM-4:00PM, Friday, 8:00AM-1:00PM

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Frequent Code Issues

R 308
Glazing: All fixed or operable panels over 9 square feet of glazing with the bottom edge less than 18” from the floor must have safety glazing. (Pg. 42)

R 309
Garage Fire Separation : One layer 5/8” Type X on garage side – One layer 1/2” Type X other side. With living above garage, the structure supporting the separation shall also be protected by not less than 5/8” Type X drywall. (Pg. 44)

R 310
Emergency Escape: Sill height not more than 44” above floor. Above and below grade minimum net clear opening 5.7 square feet, Grade floor shall be 5 square feet. Minimum height 24,” minimum width 20”. Window wells – minimum clear area of 9 square feet, minimum horizontal Projection and width of 36”. (Pg.44)

R 314
Maximum riser height shall be 8-1/4” – tread depth shall be 9”. Difference in riser height shall not exceed 3/8”. Nosing not less than 3/4” but not more than 1-1/4” shall be provided on stairways with solid risers. (Pg. 45)

R 314.2.1
Open riser stairs are permitted, provided that the opening between treads does not permit the passage of a 4” diameter sphere. Exceptions: The opening between adjacent treads is not limited on stairs with a total rise of 30” or less. (Pg. 45)

R 314.3
Stairways Headroom – minimum headroom shall be not less than 6’8” (Pg. 46)

R 315
Handrails – provided on 1 side of stairway with 2 or more risers. Handrail height – 34” – 38”. Ends shall be returned or terminate in newel posts. (Pg46)

R 316
Spindles shall be placed so they do not allow passage of a sphere 4” or more in diameter. Triangular openings formed by the risers, tread and bottom rail of a guard are permitted to be of such size that a sphere 6” cannot pass through. (Pg. 46)

R 323.3
Fasteners for pressure preservative and fire retardant treated wood shall be of hot-dipped galvanized steel or stainless steel. (Pg. 51)

R 402.2
Compressive strength of concrete – Footers 2500 PSI – Walls 3000 PSI porches, carport slabs and steps exposed to the weather and garage floor slabs shall be 3,500 PSI. All concrete shall be air entrained. Total air content shall be not less than 5% or more than 7%. (Pg. 57)

R 405.1
Drains shall be provided around all concrete or masonry foundations that retain earth and enclosed habitable or unusable spaces located below grade… Gravel or crushed stone drains shall extend at least 1 foot beyond the outside edge of the footing and be covered with an approved filter membrane material

EXCEPTION: A drainage system is not required when the foundation is installed on well-drained ground or sand gravel mixture soils according with the Unified Soil Classification System, Group I Soils. (Pg. 74)

R 502.11.4
Truss certificates shall be provided to the Code Enforcement Officer prior to installation. (Pg. 85)

R 807.1
Attic access shall be not less than 22” x 30” and shall be located in a hallway or other readily accessible location. (Pg. 243)

R 905.2.7.1
Ice Protection: Ice and water shield shall be installed that consists of at least 2 layers of underlayment cemented together or self-adhering and extend from the eave’s edge to the point at least 24” inside the exterior wall line of the building. (Pg. 246)

R 1003.10
Hearth extension dimensions: Up to 6 square feet opening hearth extension shall extend at least 16” in front and at least 8” beyond each side of opening. Over 6 square feet hearth extension shall extend at least 20” in front and at least 12” on each side. (Pg. 262)

R 602.6.1
Drilling and notching of top plate: When piping or duct work is placed in or partly in an exterior wall or interior load-bearing wall, necessitating cutting, drilling or notching of the top plate by more than 50% of its width a galvanized metal tie of not less than .054 inch thick (16 ga) and 1-1/2” wide shall be fastened to each plate across and to each side of the opening with not less than 8-16d nails at each side. (Pg. 110)

M 1501.1
Clothes Dryers: Exhaust ducts shall be constructed of minimum .016” thick rigid metal ducts. Flexible ducts shall be limited to single lengths not to exceed 8’. Maximum length shall not exceed 25’. Maximum length of duct shall be reduced 2.5’ for each 45 degree bend and 5’ for each 90 degree bend. (Pg. 289)

All portions of the air distribution system shall be installed with a minimum of R-8 between the duct and that portion of the assembly furthest from the conditioned space.(Pg. 272)

P 2706.2
Standpipes: The trap and fixture drain for an automatic clothes washer standpipe shall be minimum of 2” in diameter. (Pg. 371)

P 2904.9.1.3
PVC Plastic pipe: A purple primer complying with ASTMF656 shall be applied to all PVC solvent cemented joints. (Pg. 386)



New York State has been using a modified version of the International family of codes since January 3, 2003.

The Family of Codes consists of:
• Building Code
• Residential Code
• Fire Code
• Plumbing Code Code
• Mechanical Code
• Fuel Gas Code
• Energy Conservation Construction Code
• Property Maintenance Code

Below you'll find a list of frequent issues that have been notable change from the old code.










ALL inflatable pools (regardless of the diameter) capable of containing a water depth measuring 24 inches or greater REQUIRE a full perimeter fence with a child proof lock.











Q: Are Outdoor Furnaces allowed?
A: NO, they are not permitted

Q: Does my unlicensed vehicle that seemingly popped out of ground need to be removed?
A: YES... Unlicensed vehicles, conspicuously stored on properties, are in violation of the Town Code and are NOT permitted.

Q: Can I have Scrap metals and other forms of debris on my property?
A: NO. According to the NYS Property Maintenance Code, Material that is considered waste or has no retail value other than scrap is considered in violation.

Q: Are portable campfire pits/containers (typically available from bigbox stores) permitted?
A: YES, but only In accordance with manufacturers instructions and MUST NOT be on or near combustible materials (YES, wood and composite decks are combustible)

Q: Can I install an inflatable pool without a permit and be free from any risk of a code violation?
A: NO. ALL inflatable pools (regardless of the diameter) capable of containing a water depth measuring 24 inches or greater REQUIRE a full perimeter fence with a child proof lock.

















Thinking of Building in Mendon?

The process is NOT difficult at all... Follow these few steps and you'll glide through the process.

If you have an Approved Building Lot with an Approved Septic System, you may continue... However, if you DO NOT have an approved building lot, contact our officials for more details regarding the approval process.


1) Download a Building Permit Application (near top of page, center column) or pick one up from our office

2) Fill-out and Submit the Application along with (2) Wet Sealed Copies of your Design Specifications (a "Wet Seal" is the NYS Engineers stamp of approval)

3) We'll review your plans (The Plan Review period may vary depending on the size and complexity of the plan)

4) You will be notified in a few days that your plan has been accepted... If there are issues with your plan, we will forward suggestions so that you may discuss them with your Design Professional (Any suggestions or requirements are based soley on design criteria as prescribed in the NYS Uniform Family of Codes)

5) If Accepted, you will be given a fee amount according to the most current Fee Schedule... Your payment is to be made at the Clerk's Office with the Application in hand that is Signed by a Building Department Official... The Clerk will then Stamp your Permit Application "PAID"

6) Upon returning the Stamped Application to the Office of the Building Department, you will be given a Signed Permit Card to be conspicuously posted either in a window of an existing structure or on a newly framed wall of a structure... If the permit is for an accessory structure, post on the primary structure if applicable.

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