In New York State, towns are organized with an elective legislative body known as the Town Board. Town government is run by the Town Board which acts as the executive, administrative and legislative body of the town. A Town Board, as a group, is the executive head of the town, there being no true executive in town government comparable with a mayor of a city or village, or with the governor of the state. While the Supervisor presides at Town Board meetings and may be assigned certain powers of administration and supervision, the additional duties and responsibilities of the Supervisor are only those which result from that position's statutory role as town treasurer.


Prior to 1964, authority for Town Board action had to be in specific state legislation or in the Constitution. Since that date, however, towns have had constitutional home rule powers. Towns are able to enact local laws regarding subjects within the realm of "property, affairs and government" of the town, provided the laws are not inconsistent with the Constitution or a law of general statewide applicability enacted by the State Legislature. In addition, towns may adopt local laws concerning a number of other subjects specified in the Constitution and the Municipal Home Rule Law, so long as they are not inconsistent with general law applicable to all towns, and provided there is no statutory restriction againt such local law. Since 1974, with certain exceptions, towns may even supersede some provisions of Town Law regardless of their general applicability. Besides the above described legislative powers, Town Law and other state statutes contain authority for Town Boards to act in a variety of specific areas. These have been amended over the years where Town Boards now have the authority to supply almost every public function or service that any other municipality may provide, subject to the functions specific rules and procedures.


In Mendon, the Town Board consists of a Supervisor and four Town Board Members (often referred to in statutes as councilpersons). Town Board members, as elected officials of the Town, must be "electors" of the town at the time of election and throughout their terms of office. An elector is someone who could register as a voter in the Town, whether they actually have or not. Registration has three components - residency, age and citizenship. Residency equates to the legal term "domicile" and is defined in law. The age qualification is 18 and United States citizenship is also required. Mendon Town Board members have a term of four years. The Mendon Town Supervisor has a term of two years. Town elections are held in odd numbered years, with new terms starting the following January 1.


The Town Board, as the executive body of the Town, acts as a unit and must function as a body. An individual Board member may not unilaterally act on behalf of the Town Board. No Town Board Member has more or less authority than any other Board member. Therefore, no Board member can legally act independently for the others or outside the Board. No single member of the Town Board can act for or commit the Board as a body to any particular program or policy.


The Town Board may, by resolution, delegate to the Supervisor the powers and duties of administration and supervision of Town special improvement district functions to be performed on behalf of the Town Board. The purpose of this provision is to allow the Town to function between Town Board Meetings. This delegation does not allow the Town Board to abdicate to the Supervisor or surrender to him or her the Board's basic statutory responsibilities.


Town Supervisor

John D. Moffitt


John D. Moffitt is the Town Supervisor. He began serving January 1, 2010.


Phone: 585-624-6061

FAX: 585-624-6065

Address: Mendon Town Hall

16 West Main Street

Honeoye Falls, NY 14472-1199


The Town Board


 Cynthia M Carroll


Town Board Member Cynthia M. Carroll began her service as a Board Member on January 1, 2014.



 Thomas G. Dubois, Town Board Member


Town Board Member Thomas G. Dubois began serving on the Board January 1, 2016.



John L. Hagreen, Town Board Member


Town Board Member John L. Hagreen has served on the Board since January 1, 2016. 



 Michael E. Roberts, Town Board Member


Town Board Member Michael E. Roberts began serving on the Board January 1, 2012.




Town Board Meetings

Mendon Town Board meetings will be held on the following dates in 2018:


January 8, February 12, March 12, April 16, May 14, June 11, July 16, August 13, September 10, October 15, November 19, and December 10.


These meetings will be held 7:00PM at the Mendon Town Hall, 16 West Main Street, Honeoye Falls, NY.


Mendon Town Board meetings will be held on the following dates in 2019:


January 7, February 11, March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10, July 15, August 12, September 9, September 30, October 21, November 18, and December 9.


These meetings will be held 7:00PM at the Mendon Town Hall, 16 West Main Street, Honeoye Falls, NY.




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