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Spring - Summer Bulletin

After Winter Ends, The Clean Up Begins


Once winter is finally over, highway crews begin the process of removing the snow fence and roadside delineators.  Winter damage (potholes, lawn digs, etc.) to the roadways and ROW's is addressed.  Some roadway intersections and other areas are swept to remove accumulated debris.  Plows, wings, and salters are removed from the trucks, repaired and painted, and stored.  The trucks are prepared for summer work.


First Up, Brush Pick Up


Residents are always eager for the spring brush pick up.  Once the winter clean up is completed, preparations are made for brush pick up along Mendon roadways.  We encourage residents to utilize this service, but caution them not to place brush on the roadway or shoulder.  Guidelines for brush pick up.


Then Comes The Roadwork


Several road resurfacing and drainage projects are scheduled for the coming year.  Work on Town roads is planned in advance during the budget process.  Monroe County has also notified us that work will be conducted on several of their roads in the Town.  Click here for a list of work to done on COUNTY ROADS and TOWN ROADS.


Roadwork also includes the cleaning of drainage ditches and piping.  Drainage work within the Town is conducted in an effort to protect the integrity of the roads, not to improve the appearance of a piece of property.


You may also notice Town personnel, trucks, and/or equipment working outside the Town.  We are assisting other Towns with County work and their own road work.


What You, The Resident and Driving Public, Can Do to Help Us Help You

  1. Report to the Highway Department, or 911, any dangerous condition you may observe.
  2. Observe parking regulations.
  3. Keep catch basins and roadway drainage areas clear.  Do not deposit grass clipping, leaves or other debris in the ditches.  Report drainage problems to the Highway Department.
  4. When driving, slow down, brake slowly, and allow plenty of room between you and the vehicle ahead. Remember, Highway Department vehicles may make numerous stops and turns as they perform services within the Town right of ways.
  5. When approaching a work zone, slow down and pay attention to your driving and road ahead.  Be alert for flagmen and workers, follow their instructions




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