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Photos of Historic Homes of Mendon, NY appear in the order they where locally or nationally declared and recognized as a Historic Home. Information may include:

  • Name of House (first owner)
  • Street Name and Number
  • Date house was build (Circa where applicable)
  • Achitectural Style or Period
  • Brief Description (may include current and previous owners)  

CIRCA... Latin for approximate date, Circa is often associated with the year a house was built. When most houses and other buildings were constructed many years ago, local and state codes and permits did not exist-- leaving communities without accurate records of their construction details and dates.


If the year a house was built can be accurately determined, the house may be marked with "Built in 1780". Whereas, a house that bares "Circa 1780" may indicate the approxiamate year the house was built.


For more information about homes and other questions please e-mail the Mendon Historian



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