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Mendon Highway Department

The Mendon Highway Department and its operations are overseen by the Town Highway Superintendent, an elected position. In addition to the Highway Superintendent, the department has 13 full time personnel, 1 summer seasonal employee, and 3 seasonal winter dispatchers.

Responsibilities of the Highway Department include:

  1. Maintenance and reconstruction of all Town roads, including associated drainage ditches, culverts and other improvements within the right of way;
  2. Snow plowing and application of salt to all Town roads;
  3. Posting and maintaining necessary traffic safety and name signs within the Town right of way;
  4. Maintenance of Town parks, including ball field, soccer fields, tennis courts, winter skating rinks, play areas, and walking trails;
  5. Maintenance and care of cemeteries;
  6. Maintenance of Town structures, including the Town Hall, library, community center, and highway department buildings;
  7. Roadside mowing along Town roads;
  8. Maintenance and reconstruction of drainage areas within easements;
  9. Maintenance and reconstruction of sidewalks within the Town right of way;
  10. Conducting spring and fall brush pick ups;
  11. Removal and disposal of deer carcasses along Town roads;
  12. Maintenance of all highway department equipment and vehicles, along with the code enforcement vehicle;
  13. Through contractual agreements with Monroe County and New York State, the highway department provides snow removal and application of salt to all county and state roads;
  14. Also, through contractual agreements with the County, roadside mowing and removal of deer carcasses along county roads;
  15. Improvements and repairs to County roads, when requested by Monroe County Transportation Department.

Highway Department Equipment:

  1. 4 ten-wheel dump trucks,
  2. 3 six-wheel dump trucks,
  3. 7 pick up trucks,
  4. 1 wheeled excavator,
  5. 1 wheeled loader,
  6. 1 backhoe,
  7. 2 steel drum rollers,
  8. 3 tractors,
  9. 4 trailers,
  10. and assorted small pieces of equipment.

Highway Department Facilities: 101 Semmel Road.

  1. The main building houses the Department’s offices and employee break/kitchen area. This building also provides five bays for storage and maintenance of vehicles and equipment.
  2. The second building provides six bays for storage of vehicles and equipment. The building also houses a sign shop area. Half this building is heated.
  3. The third building is a 2 bay garage style building. This building is utilized as a work and storage area.
  4. The fourth and newest building is a 100’ x 100’ structure utilized for the storage of trucks and equipment.
  5. The fifth structure is a three-sided shed utilized for the storage of road salt. The structure is capable of storing app. 900 ton of salt, at any one time.  A new salt storage facility was built in 2018 with an approximate capacity of 3,000 ton.  
  6. The complex also has outside storage areas for assorted materials, including stone, top soil, pipe, and scrap.
  7. Brush that is collected throughout the year by the Town and Village is also stored at this location. The accumulated brush is ground in the fall by an outside contractor and hauled away.
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