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James P. Merzke, Mendon Town Clerk

James P. Merzke

Town Clerk & Receiver of Taxes



Town Hall

Operating Hours

Monday through Thursday

8:00AM to 4:00PM


8:00AM to 1:00PM


Mendon Town Hall

16 West Main Street

Honeoye Falls, NY 14472


Phone: 585-624-6060

FAX: 585-624-6065




Deputy Town Clerk

Bonnie M. Toomey





We have been receiving more calls than usual this year from taxpayers wanting to pay their 2018 Town & County tax bill in 2017, driven by news concerning new federal income tax laws.


What affect these new laws will have on your income tax is something my office cannot tell you. That is for income tax preparing professionals. However, if a taxpayer wishes, they can pay the upcoming property tax bill in 2017.


Important things to know:


  • The Town of Mendon Tax Office can legally begin accepting 2018 Town & County tax payments on Friday, December 29, 2017, but not before.


  • We will not know the amount of the bill until that day.


  • Normally the Tax Office is closed at 1:00PM on Fridays, but we will be staying open until 4:00PM on the 29th.


  • Once we know the amounts, we will gladly get them to you. If you would like to give us your email address we can email the figure to you. You can call 585-624-6060 (leave a message if calling after hours) or email


Once you have the amount:

CLARIFICATION 12/22 You can not pay by credit card at the Mendon Town Hall. Cash, check, money order only. You can pay by credit card on the County website ( with an additional charge.


  • You can drop payment off at our office. Again, we will be open until 4:00PM on Friday, December 29th.


  • After hours payments can be made through the mail slot on the left hand side of the Main Street door to the Town Hall. It is connected to a locked drop box on the inside of the building that is checked by the Tax Office every morning.


  • If you mail a check, please date it for 2017 and indicate somehow that you would like your receipt for 2017. We will be getting a large number of payments at the beginning of the year and not everyone will want a 2017 receipt.


  • CHANGE 12/22 The County notified us late yesterday that Taxpayers WILL  be able to pay online with credit card and electronic check payments through the County website ( beginning on December 29, 2017. That IS now an option for 2017 pre-payment. As always, payment through this option is subject to additional fees.


  • Checks are made out to: James P. Merzke, Receiver of Taxes


  • And mailed to:

James P. Merzke, Receiver of Taxes

16 West Main Street

Honeoye Falls, NY 14472


NEW 12/22 Press Release from County Executive regarding early payment.




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